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Body Wrap Espace Nomad

Body wraps

Warm organic honey, jasmine and rose wrap, or organic shea butter wrap. Excellent hydration and pairs perfectly with a body exfoliation. Also ideal for dry or sensitive skin....

Body Scrub Espace Nomad

Body scrub

This treatment uses salt or sugar paste infused with organic, soothing essential oils made from flowering plants. Removes dead skin, detoxifies, eliminates impurities, and relaxes the body....

Body butter

Our organic body butter, infused with herbs and flowers, pairs perfectly with a massage and is made to soften skin, provide deep hydration and leave your skin lightly and naturally scented....


This detoxifying treatment starts with infrared and purifying lemon-geranium oil, and wraps the body in a warming bag. The treatment is designed to expel the skin’s impurities, treat arthritis and cellulite, dissolve subcutaneous fatty tissue, strengthen the immune system, and promote slimming....

Cellulite Treatment

A targeted massage using organic lemon, coffee and geranium butter. A special brush is used to help circulate the lymphatic system and reduce cellulite. Every zone is exfoliated using coffee paste to improve circulation and and leave the skin pure and soft....